Dare you risk your brand reputation?

How risk management can safeguard your brand.

With BP, Barclays and the BBC – as well as numerous government entities, politicians and business leaders – suffering from reputational damage and loss to brand capital in the last year, brand protection is now the big risk issue for every organisation.

Learn how to protect value and market share from those who paid the ultimate price for failing to promptly identify and handle this critical risk. Share insights with those who have taken risks to build their reputation and safeguard their organisation.

Speakers include Richard Noble, the brains behind the Bloodhound supersonic project as it attempts to break the 1,000mph barrier for the first time this year; branding and reputation guru Rita Clifton, non-executive director at Nationwide and former chairman of Interbrand; and ‘the other Michael Jackson’, an expert on international business change.

Featuring input from leading risk experts and practitioners from across the world, join us as we look behind successful brand management to examine the importance of risk culture, risk appetite, cyber risks, people risks and extended enterprise risks.

Previous forums have featured speeches from trendspotter and futurologist Magnus Lindkvist, broadcaster and economist Tim Harford, and risk communication expert Prof Gerd Gigerenzer.

Using IRM’s usual highly participatory approach, the two-day event will equip you with the practical tools and skills to protect your organisation’s reputation and brand, as well as your own.